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Bad Strategy: Unintended Consequences

Green River ON a hike in The Canyon Lands, some of our mountain friends encountered the legendary river runner Moki Mac.  At the time he was managing operations at Utah’s Dead Horse Point State Park, and was concerned for the safety of the growing number of recreational boaters running the nearby Green River.  Because of the extreme conditions, to ensure survival in case of a mishap, boaters would have to get out of the canyon within one day.  But there was no known one-day route out of the canyon, so he wanted one found. Sizing up my friends (John, Grant, … Continue reading

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Control Strategy

TEA FOR TWO    Two young Chinese ladies, performing for passers-by, hold the handles of their teapots two arm-lengths away from teacups and unerringly fill them without spilling a drop.  The crowd is amazed.  How did they do this?  How could they control the tea so well as it was being poured? Answer:  by using a control strategy that is at the root of controlling nearly all processes. Look at the ladies’ eyes in the photo.  They’re not looking at the spout from which the tea is being poured.  Actually, they’re not even looking at the rim of the cup … Continue reading

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Escaping E. Berlin; A Simple Way to Devise Complex Strategies (2)

FOLLOW-UP to the previous post:  here are some specifics on how to devise complex strategies. In that post we were using the example of Achim Weyer’s escape from E. Berlin.  Weyer had decided to escape by armoring a car and making it through a checkpoint (gate location) in The Wall. If we were to devise a complex strategy along the line of Weyer’s, we would go through a process of sketching two kinds of diagram.  This gets the key points of our strategy down on paper, and in the process, into our heads. The Objectives Diagram First, we’d identify the objective(s) (in this … Continue reading

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