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QUICK READ                                                      ADDITIONAL MATERIALS

A. Strategy Facts of Life                                  

B. What Strategies Are

C. Anatomy of a Strategy                             . Mismatch  

                                                                        . External Strategy Factors; Kunming

D. How to Devise a Strategy                    . Devising Complex Strategies (1); Berlin

                                                                        . Devising Complex Strategies (2); Berlin

                                                                        . Resources in Strategy; Lye Brook

E. Strategy Types                                         . Cooperative Strategy; Patagonia

                                                                        . The Great Wall; Defensive Strategy

                                                                        . Strategy Types:  Critical Operations

                                                                        . Control Strategy; The Loop

                                                                        . Defeating Control Strategies

                                                                        . Distributed Strategy:  Hamburg

 . Bronco Busting; Disruptive Strategy

F. The Gray Area                          

G. How to Recognize a Strategy                  . Found Strategies; Busacco

H. Strategy in Uncertain Circumstances

I. Effective & Efficient Strategies

J. Strategy in the News                                 . Witch’s Horns

                                                                         . Fake Review Scams

                                                                         . Lasso and Lascaux

                                                                         . Drones, a New Resource

K. Situational Strategies                                . Negotiating Strategy; Buying

                                                                          . Negotiating Strategy; Selling

L. Cool Strategies

M. Bad Strategies

N. Random Strategy Topics                          . Pirate Strategy – Hey, it’s a business

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